out of sync

Out of sync – writing to reach you

I feel that I am out of sync with myself. By that I mean the self who exists here, who exists as the author of this blog. That self is also my submissive self and I am out of sync with her too. Not that I have given up on […]

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process emotions - F Scott Fitzgerald quote

Writing to process emotions

A block on the blog front Writing, blogging in my case, is a way to process my emotions and, in doing so, to deal with them. Recently there have been things that I wanted to say, but this has not been the forum for my words. It has been difficult […]

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Writing: The what and the why

I have always enjoyed writing but it isn’t something felt I was good at as a young person. I wrote stories which I made into books as a child, but when my sister started the same thing, it was hers that my parents held in esteem. I suppose after a […]

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Staying Focussed

I have not written anything, or posted here, for a week and four days. That is pretty much unheard of in the history of my blog and it feels odd. It feels a little like I have ignored a friend, but while that thought and the accompanying feeling has been […]

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Ghosts from the past

Sometimes I struggle to write. This can happen for a few reasons, but usually it is because something is in the way. Another thought, another idea, another set of emotions which needs to be processed before I can tap into the part of my brain which allows me to think […]

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thank you dance

Thank You

The prompt this week for food for thought is being thankful. Thanksgiving isn’t a celebration that we have here in Scotland, but I am lucky enough to know some very lovely people here in blogland who are from the US and who do celebrate. Honestly, I have lots to be […]

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writing your way on my body - written on missy

Writing your way on my body

You are writing your way on my body. You are telling me how things should be and showing me that I am worthy of you, of this. You are re-writing all of the wrongs and making them right. You are loving me with your words and the pictures of your […]

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