We loved with a love that was more than love

I struggle to explain how I feel about our relationship – about what we have. It is love for sure but also it is also ‘more’ than love and sometimes that overwhelms me. It is not something that I ever thought I would get and I think that is part […]

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She was the passenger and not the driver, and yet she was significant. Without her the journey would not necessarily need to take place, and if it still did, would follow quite a different route. It bothered her not that she was in this situation. Others might look and think […]

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New Traditions

Traditions are something that have been quite significant for us as a couple. I guess that some would say that the things that we do sexually are far from traditional, but the dynamic where I am submissive to HL and he leads and makes the decisions is much more of […]

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The cloak of lust

‘Colors of Lust’ by Steve K Lust was a cloak that she had not worn in a while. None-the-less she drew it around her and sought to connect with what it would bring her. It was surprising how quickly it began to have an effect. She felt in control. She […]

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naked paino recital

A Play and a Symphony

It seems funny now to think of how far I have come since the first naked piano recital that I did for HisLordship. At the time, I was still very shy and body conscious. It was quite near the start of our D/s really and I was trying to push […]

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tough love - wriggling caterpillar blowing kisses

Tough Love

I have learnt that I need tough love and what that will look like for me. I need a life with very little wriggle room, or else I will wriggle. I have become adept at it over the years. I wriggle in a way which means I am free before […]

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It’s okay to restart and recreate. Don’t spend time beating yourself up over something that went wrong. There’s always another chance. I guess this is where the journey of my recreation starts. With me meeting HisLordship and realising that I had a second chance. It definitely took some restarting, and […]

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My Release

This is my release. You are my release. What we do is my release. You release me from myself, from my head and from the whirl and swirl of rules that I make to tame the uncertainty and confusion of life. I have done it for so long it is […]

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Wicked Wednesday Prompt #307: What would YOU do with a million dollars? It was easy really as it had never felt like their money in the first place. They had bought the estate with a view to making more of it and that had certainly happened. It had been quiet at […]

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Travels with You

I asked that you travel this journey with me and that was just the beginning. In accepting, you lead me to a better understanding of myself through your patient unravelling of years of the stuff that life had built up, not just for me but for us both. Together we […]

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