Vanilla Valentine’s Heart

An Unusually Vanilla Valentine’s Day

The thing about vanilla …. I don’t usually do vanilla. I gave it up as my flavour when I embraced the world of D/s and kink and, being honest, I have never really looked back. Not that there is anything wrong with vanilla sex, it can actually be a very […]

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Chess pieces - challenges to submission

The greatest challenges to my submission

What challenges your submission? The next submissive reflection prompt is about challenges to my submission. There is not one clear answer to this one as there are a few different factors playing into it, but I think it is something really worthwhile to consider. One of the main things that […]

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A dance is better than a song

A song is nice but a dance is better

If I had to choose between a song or a dance, I would choose to dance everything time. For one, I do not have a great singing voice. Not that this feels fair. I am musical, play several instruments, have a good sense of rhythm and can hold a tune. […]

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The Vampire Women – Secrets of the Baobhan Sith

Having hunted all day, the men took shelter in the bothy as planned. They had feasted on a couple of rabbits and sat around the small fire, keeping cosy with a flagon of wine. The laughed together as men will do, outbidding each other with their tales of bravery and […]

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Venice Unmasked

Venice Unmasked ~ Lost and Found

It was a strange sort of place, Venice. There was a duplicity about it which tugged at something deep within her.  Its darkness and mystery did the same, and she supposed that was the start of her undoing. By day it was culture and tourism, romance, and an old life […]

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saturday night ladder scene

Saturday Night ~ a Ladder, a Flogger and a Whip

Our focus on impact play continued this weekend, aided by the use of a ladder. Having become reacquainted with the crop a couple of weeks ago, the implements selected this time were the flogger and the dragon-tail whip. I have oft been heard to say that I don’t get flogging. […]

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Why Autumn is the Sexy Season

My Love of Autumn I have always loved autumn. In many senses I love something about each season: the promise of spring, the warmth of summer sun and the coziness of winter. But autumn feels sexy to me. I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather which is borne rather […]

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back in the real world

Back in the real world

I can’t believe I have left my blog again. And for so long this time. I seem to come unstuck sometimes and it affects my ability to write. I become overwhelmed with things to do, I fall out of the habit, and for some reason, everything slips. It seems ironic […]

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Fiáin's Surrender

The Surrender of Fiáin ~ twisted myth and legend

The day for Fiáin’s Surrender drew closer. When she had first received the Writ from the men of Cernunnos she had been afraid, of course. The fear at such a thing only ever heard of was only natural, but deep within her something also stirred with excitement at the thought. […]

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The deeper the blue

The deeper the blue

“The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure and, finally, for the supernatural … The brighter it becomes, the more it loses its sound, until it turns into silent stillness and becomes white.” Wassily Kandinsky Sometimes […]

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Period Sex

The Truth about Period Sex

Period sex is one of things that still isn’t that acceptable to a lot of people. I would say that we are a pretty open couple, and HL would say that he is ok with period sex, but in reality, we rarely do it. I have brought it up for […]

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Being perverted

Being perverted and why I like it

Perverted: characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies I like the thought of being perverted. It turns me on and I suppose that is all the proof needed that it is a good fit. I don’t take it as an insult or as being a bad thing, more […]

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the comfort zone

Why being comfortable is over-rated

Finding your Comfort Zone We all seek comfort. Why wouldn’t we? Ultimately a place where we feel safe and in control is what we are stacked to aim for. Comfort is a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint so it is natural that as people we […]

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sex toys

Sex Toys ~ How we use them and the ones we love

Sex toys is the current topic for Tell Me About and surprisingly I have never really written about them before. We have LOADS of toys and so, although I am linking to Wicked Wednesday’s peep show prompt, this is more of a peep at a virtual show and tell than […]

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talking about masturbation

Talking about masturbation

Talking about masturbation. Generally we don’t, do we? I mean here in these sorts of circles we do, But out there? Not so much. And I wonder why that is. I suppose like all things sexual, we are conditioned to feel it is something which should be kept private. It […]

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So you want to be a MILF?

Actually I wouldn’t mind being a MILF again. I know it’s not always taken as a compliment but as someone who has moved out of my milfing years I am sort of sorry to see them go. I am not sure what age you have to be to be a […]

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