I imagine you

I imagine You

I imagine you, your fingers trailing lightly across my skin. Teasing me, claiming me, marking out what is yours. I imagine you watching as my body responds to you, goosebumps forming, creating a momentary path to show where you have been. I wonder about you are planning, about what you […]

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only a kiss

Mr Brightside: It was only a kiss

He knew that he wanted her as soon as he saw her. He couldn’t quite say why but he was kind of a serial pursuer of pleasure. He had married by mistake if the truth be known. Like a genuine case of misunderstanding, but that was another story; his story, […]

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Warrior Princess, Want and Wand

A to Z Challenge – W When I first asked for this lifestyle, I had no idea really how it would feel. Submitting seemed like something that would work for me for a number of reasons but I didn’t know how easy or difficult I would find it. In reality […]

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