The Vampire Women – Secrets of the Baobhan Sith

Having hunted all day, the men took shelter in the bothy as planned. They had feasted on a couple of rabbits and sat around the small fire, keeping cosy with a flagon of wine. The laughed together as men will do, outbidding each other with their tales of bravery and […]

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Fiáin's Surrender

The Surrender of Fiáin ~ twisted myth and legend

The day for Fiáin’s Surrender drew closer. When she had first received the Writ from the men of Cernunnos she had been afraid, of course. The fear at such a thing only ever heard of was only natural, but deep within her something also stirred with excitement at the thought. […]

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dearg-due lady in red

Dearg-due – lady in red

He knew when he first saw her that she was different to the others. She was stunning and there was something about her which seemed almost of a different world. She was certainly beautiful but not in the traditional way. Her hair was so dark and her skin so pale […]

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girl - Can you see me

Can you see me?

Ceit struggled along the path, careful not to trip on the fallen branches. It was deserted along here which was what she wanted. She was fed up. With them, with him, with everything. She was indignant too. How dare they do this to her? How could they mess things up […]

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The capture of Astrid - Finfolkaheem

The Capture of Astrid

Astrid had wandered the shores for three summers now, begging for him to come. She had seen him in her dreams and, longed for what she knew only he could give.  He could complete her. He could make her feel alive, although it seemed ironic under the circumstances. She didn’t […]

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wild woman

His Wild Woman

As she stared at the moon she knew he would come, his wild woman. She waited and she wanted. She longed and she desired and she dreamed. She watched silently at first feeling the light dance through her, quickening her and making her ready. It energised her and made her […]

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desire - heart on fire in grey ashes

Desire of the dark: crossing the boundary

She had busied herself with the preparations for the last few days now. It was really hard to have a relationship like this, but worth it, the waiting. It was her time, the time when patience and control could finally give way to desire. She sang her songs and cleaned […]

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Protect Me FP

Protect me and set me free

Story continued from Sinful Sunday. Her look warned him that although she was now of human form, there was still something of the deer about her.  Whether it was her movements, her furtive yet vulnerable stance, or the aura around about her, the feeling that he was dealing with something […]

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