Never mention the unmentionable

There are some things that I would like to mention. About me. And about my life. I have never told you because I worry that you would not understand, and that you might use it against me, so I keep quiet. I don’t mention these things which are unmentionable. It […]

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The Things We Do or This Thing We Do

According to the urban dictionary, ‘TTWD’ or ‘This Thing We Do’ is “Commonly used in the S&M/spanking community to refer to those activities.” Actually I think a clearer definition would be to say that within the BDSM community, TTWD refers to the activities we practice. For us, that would be essentially living a D/s […]

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This Thing We Are

I posted yesterday about Service. I explained that I’d had a bit of a light-bulb moment regarding the role that service could play in my relationship with HisLordship. Reading the book ‘Real Service’ was enlightening because it presented an alternative view to the one often portrayed in fiction as to […]

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Patience and sub-frenzy

Patience and Sub-frenzy

I have never been a patient person. If there is something ahead, good or bad, I am inclined to want to get on with whatever it is. I don’t like waiting, and really I am not very good at it. I get a bit stressed and do not engage as […]

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What is D/s really about?

I was talking to my friend yesterday. She is vanilla but she knows about our lifestyle. She wants to hate everything about it so her first reaction to things is to screw up her face and say, “Oh I’d hate that!” but then she will ask me questions and delve […]

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To bruise or not to bruise

I have thought on and off about the marks and bruises which have been acquired in the process of having kinky fun as part of our D/s. Usually I would not welcome a bruise as I find it unsightly, and most of the shades it turns to do nothing for […]

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masks - faces of my submission

The faces of my submission

I have been thinking for a while that my submission has a few different faces and after Dark and Dominant’s post popped up on my reader, I decided I was ready to write about it. I said in my post about Active Submission that I thought that once my husband agreed to this […]

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Living the Happily Ever After

Sometimes when you do a thing a lot, you can lose sight of the wonder of it. It can be easy, I think, to let things become usual or normal or everyday. Although I hate to say it I think this is also true of ttwd. This thing that we […]

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Submissive Plateau?

I wrote this post before and didn’t post it initially. I showed it to HisLordship and have decided now to post it as a sort of two-part post so this is Part one. Here is a link to Part two. The last few days has got me to thinking that I […]

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Spotlight on Communication

I mentioned in School’s Out for the Summer that Saturday mornings are one of the scheduled times that HisLordship and I devote to honest, open discussion.  It occurred to me then that I had never really written anything about how we build this sort of communication in to our dynamic.  It is so […]

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School's Out for the Summer

So here it is. The end of term and I made it!  Yippeeeeeee. I have to admit I felt I was hanging on there by a silken thread at points this week but my pupils have all gone home, my desk is tidy, and my out of office auto reply […]

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3 weeks and counting

Three weeks to go, and counting. I am looking forward to the end of term, and a well earned break for a number of reasons but the main one is that I am excited to have the time and energy to invest into my submission.  This is not to say […]

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Exposure - missy facing out of hotel doorway


In his recent post, What’s the Kick?,  HisLordship wrote,”I like seeing my wife on display for me, and for kicks I like to think of sharing that experience with others.” This has got me to thinking about where this could actually go and I have to admit that it is met […]

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D/s relationship expectations

D/s Relationship Expectations

To have expectations can be a great thing. It allows you to set standards and to measure where you are in terms of meeting your targets. Within a D/s relationship expectations are really important as they are a key part of the commitment that you are making to the other […]

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Let's get Physical

Recently we had cause to consider whether or not His Lordship should accept work which meant us living apart for some of the time. This was a tough decision. Obviously the usual pros and cons had to be taken into account, but how it affected our D/s was also a […]

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Safe - she wanted to crawl inside his pocket and stay there forever


Being exposed can make you feel vulnerable, and being vulnerable can make you emotionally dependent on someone else. Within D/s these feelings are all real, but they do not carry with them the same negative aspects as they might usually.  Being exposed can mean that you are at risk of […]

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This Thing We Do

The last few weeks have made me realise that actually my effort at a submissive advent calendar is a good example of how I define this thing we do: ttwd; this D/s thing. It is an illustration of how my submission works and I think it is a good insight […]

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11. Striptease

Today I am pushing my tinselled boundaries and, hopefully, giving Sir something which is both naughty and nice. He will know that this one will not be easy for me, but I aim to give it my best shot.

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10. Kings and Courtesans

Today is Saturday so I wanted to have some fun.  The theme is simple: Sir is my King and I will be his courtesan.  I am not sure what this will involve and what he will require of me, but hopefully it will set the scene for some real fun.

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9. Sexy Photo Text

On the 9th day of advent, my true love sent to me: 9 sexy selfies. Sir likes to get some naughty pictures of me now and then, so today I will oblige by making that my focus. I hope I don’t have to teach about the dangers of improper use […]

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