Chess pieces - challenges to submission

The greatest challenges to my submission

What challenges your submission? The next submissive reflection prompt is about challenges to my submission. There is not one clear answer to this one as there are a few different factors playing into it, but I think it is something really worthwhile to consider. One of the main things that […]

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Submissive mindset

New ways of keeping a submissive mindset

What helps you to keep your submissive mindset? The third prompt for my submissive reflection is about keeping a submissive mindset. I don’t know that others always agree but I have come to see my submissive mindset as different to my submissive headspace. My submissive mindset is about the way […]

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Limits and boundaries

Limits, boundaries and submission

I have written generally about limits and boundaries in a post for The SafeworD/s Club. I wanted to make this post more personal to me and about a bit of a defining moment concerning my submission. More specifically it is concerning my submissive headspace, or my submissive space as I […]

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Candaulism ~ Being an Exhibit

Candaulism, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism This is really the second part to Watching or being watched where I concluded that one of my key kinks was candaulism. Candaulism seems to be less discussed than its partner kinks of voyeurism or exhibitionism, but it is closely related. Where voyeurism is about gaining […]

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Watching or being watched

Watching or being watched

If someone asked me, I would say that I don’t enjoy watching or being watched in a sexual sense. I am not an exhibitionist and I am not a voyeur, and yet, there is something about it that does appeal to me. HL watches me all the time. It is […]

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Offering an act of service

Acts of Service

I wrote about service before, back in August 2017, when I had various revelations about the fact that, despite believing that I was not a service sub, there were elements of my relationship which were acts of service and had a service function to them. My revelations came really due […]

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D/s on Lockdown – dealing with change

I have learnt, the hard way, that a D/s relationship is very susceptible to change. I know that all relationships require adjustments and tweaks in order to accommodate change, but I think, for us at least, the tight sense of structure and routine that supports a D/s lifestyle is easily […]

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Being Respectful

The Tell Me About topic this time is respect and usually I would write about respect in a D/s relationship. But I already did that in this post. I could also write about respecting the rules, but I already did that in this post. Respect is a big thing for […]

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used as ornament - objectification

Objectification as a Kink

I have an objectification kink.  I always feel a bit embarrassed about that because it seems wrong to want such a thing, but then again I guess a lot kink seems a little wrong, in a good way of course.  I don’t enjoy just any objectification though so it has […]

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Reset or reality

I am struggling to write about resets. I realise that we have not reset for a long time and that leads me to consider why. It would be good if I could say that it was because things were going so well with our D/s dynamic that it was not […]

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orgasm - the story of my O

Orgasm Tales – The Story of my O

I don’t remember how old I was when I had my first orgasm. What I do remember is that I found out it was called an orgasm when I was about 15. Before I realised it had a name, I had masturbated to that point. I had also told my […]

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Vulnerability and connection

Vulnerability and Connection

Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection I have posted before about vulnerability, and for me it has been significant to the success of my submission. Allowing myself to be vulnerable for HisLordship, and letting him see the real me, has been […]

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Oral Sex - when giving meets receiving

Oral Sex: When Giving Meets Receiving

I guess that really, giving meets receiving is the crux of a power exchange, certainly one with a D/s slant. Making your partner happy and meeting their needs and desires is both fulfilling and consuming in equal measure. It becomes a powerful part of who you are and who you […]

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