Fiáin's Surrender

The Surrender of Fiáin ~ twisted myth and legend

The day for Fiáin’s Surrender drew closer. When she had first received the Writ from the men of Cernunnos she had been afraid, of course. The fear at such a thing only ever heard of was only natural, but deep within her something also stirred with excitement at the thought. […]

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be daring and find ways to surrender

Be daring and find ways to surrender

It takes courage to surrender. We are designed to want to feel in control of things. We crave routine and order and a sense of, well … things making sense really. But often that is not what we find. It can be exhausting when we try to control elements that […]

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You tell me we will play later and I hear the anticipation in your voice. You smile and go back to what you are doing but when you stand up later you seem taller as you look down and say, “Bed?” with an upturn in your tone that means I […]

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