A simple sunday from the past

Simple Sunday

Simple Sunday is the best. It has been quite a week and it feels good to take some time for us just to be. I am glad to have HL to guide and protect me. Together the world feels better: we celebrate each other’s successes and support during those difficult […]

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Lights will guide you home

Lights Will Guide You Home

I have been struggling to write recently. I just can’t seem to focus my thoughts and I think that this is due to feeling exhausted. Usually the weekends afford me a break and I can catch up a bit but something happened this week up to throw me off course […]

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I get by with a little help from my friends

I have always enjoyed having friends in the real world and for a time, when I was unhappy in my former marriage, friendships were what I focussed on and what kept me going. I was a bit of a party girl, hosting events and organising get togethers and dinners whenever […]

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Hold my hand

And you hold my hand

Through it all you hold my hand. You take it in yours and you shelter and keep it safe. You envelope yours, the larger, around about it and protect it from the world. Whatever happens, you hold my hand. And as you do, you squeeze your words into my brain. […]

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