Curves, Edges and Circles with no end

Cause all of meLoves all of youLove your curves and all your edgesAll your perfect imperfectionsGive your all to meI’ll give my all to youYou’re my end and my beginning John Legend When I thought about curves this was what came to mind and the more I thought about it, […]

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Safewords – Do I Need One?

Do I need a safeword? I have mixed feelings about safewords. On one hand I think they are an important part of keeping safe in a BDSM relationship and, on the other, I wonder if they are pretty superfluous in the type of D/s relationship that I have now. In […]

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submissive mind

A submissive mind

A submissive mind. Yes please. I would like to order one of these. Recently I have been having  problems quieting my crazy messed up head which is stuffed full of thoughts that seem to go round and round and round. It drives me nuts at times that I can’t switch […]

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Sir has been away from home since Monday and won’t return until tomorrow. The time without him has highlighted how much both me, and our lifestyle have changed since we became D/s. Unlike previous trips, this time he left in a hurry so there was no time to prepare, and […]

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Online FrienDships

It has been two weeks since I last posted and I am shocked at how fast things move.  To be honest it is the hideously fast pace of my life which has kept me away so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the same thing happens in the virtual […]

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My recent post on Humiliation attracted some interesting comments. I love it when this happens as I think that sharing and hearing from others really helps to develop your thinking. One such comment was from Jen. I know that a lot of you already follow Jen’s Blog but if not, and you […]

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two faced

Two Faced

Two days in and I am finding this week a challenge.  After two weeks at home with Sir, I am back out there in my other world, earning a living.  After two weeks of submitting to him, I am his completely, and I have not had to worry about anything […]

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