The truth about teaching pornography

Every once in a while I read a post on twitter or WordPress decrying sex education in schools. Usually these posts quote a lack of education around pornography and sexual pleasure as well as consent, inclusion and diversity. I wonder about the authors. I wonder when they were last in […]

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Blackboard with Sex in Class - so what are we teaching?

Sex in Class

Sex Ed when I was at school was not very thorough at all. In fact I can’t really remember much more than the basics being taught in science. From memory it was section 6.6 and there was always a lot of talk, and a lot of build up, and then […]

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Let’s talk about sex, baby

I teach sex education. Actually, I teach sexual health and relationships education and we follow a national programme which meets the relevant outcomes for health and well being in those areas. I have written before about the probable fallout there would be if it was discovered that the teacher was […]

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Sex Ed

She teaches Sex Ed!

This post-Eroticon week has found me wanting to merge the two parts of my life more openly. There is a huge overlap for sure as the real me is there in the background in whatever I do. Despite the overlap, both parts of my life require a different set of […]

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What’s on

"What's on, honey?"

Sometimes I look at the world around me and I wonder why society seems to be so frigid about accepting kink and BDSM. I suppose it has this dark reputation and is viewed as being for those who are a little deviant or out there. However, other times I look […]

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