Blindfold in place, he starts. She looks so vulnerable and he feels himself pricking with anticipation. She wrinkles her nose a little as if to prove to herself that she can and he continues to watch her, making her wait. He can see her breathing start to change as her […]

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Sensory Deprivation Hood

A Sensory Deprivation Hood?

It is nice when someone you know really well can surprise you. When HisLordship told me that he had bought something new, and then added that he wondered if he might feel even more Dominant during play if he couldn’t see me, I initially wondered how he would manage a […]

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quotation about the senses


Currently there is lots of talk in therapy circles about mindfulness. Mindfulness is the name given to a technique where you focus on the here and now and experience the world, and your thoughts and reactions to it, through your senses. It is something that can be practised and in […]

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