saturday night ladder scene

Saturday Night ~ a Ladder, a Flogger and a Whip

Our focus on impact play continued this weekend, aided by the use of a ladder. Having become reacquainted with the crop a couple of weeks ago, the implements selected this time were the flogger and the dragon-tail whip. I have oft been heard to say that I don’t get flogging. […]

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Picture of naughty schoolgirl sitting waiting on chair

Naughty Schoolgirl

“I thought that you wanted me to be your mentor and now I hear that you have been telling the other girls that I am in love with you.  That’s what you think is it?  That I am in love with you?” “N n no Sir,” I stammer. I feel […]

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New Hood - a peek inside

The New Hood – a peek inside

He tells me to sit and wait for him, naked on the edge of the bed. The new hood is laid out on the dresser, beside the lube and some other items. I try not to look at what is there, choosing instead to close my eyes. When he comes […]

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what we mean by a scene

Ready, Get set, Go!

The post Ready, Get set, Go was originally published on the blog at The SafeworD/s Club . Although it was co-written with HisLordship, I thought that it might be helpful to anyone visiting here too as clearly I can’t have the experiences that I do, or write about the things that I do, without […]

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naked paino recital

A Play and a Symphony

It seems funny now to think of how far I have come since the first naked piano recital that I did for HisLordship. At the time, I was still very shy and body conscious. It was quite near the start of our D/s really and I was trying to push […]

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quotation about the senses


Currently there is lots of talk in therapy circles about mindfulness. Mindfulness is the name given to a technique where you focus on the here and now and experience the world, and your thoughts and reactions to it, through your senses. It is something that can be practised and in […]

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hotel scene - theatre curtains which say scene it, done it a backstage pass

Hotel Scene

A hotel scene often lasts longer than our regular scenes. Scenes at home either start late evening, or are fitted in during a couple of hours when we find ourselves alone; even when we have had longer than this, there will be distractions at home that just aren’t there when […]

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The theme for HisLordship’s advent gift to me on the 17th, was ‘Christmas Lights’. He bought an electro-play kit a little while ago and we had never had the chance to use it. His idea was to ‘light me up’ for Christmas. I was pretty excited at the thought of this, […]

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Three hours

Three Hours ~ a short, hot scene

When life gives you three hours without anyone else in the house, you welcome it with open arms. This would be the case for HisLordship and I whenever the opportunity presents itself, but we have just spent seven weeks together, without even an hour when there was nobody else home. […]

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consensual non-consent

Consensual Non-Consent

This is a post for a number of reasons.  It is partly a follow on from my last post on Consent and D/s which became too long to add anything else. It is also partly in response to last weekend when we were away together and HisLordship requested the presence of […]

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Sensory Scene - stage curtains with scene it done it a back stage pass written across them

Sensory Scene

I am pretty excited as I had not expected a scene today but Sir told me an hour ago that he wanted me to be ready. Having prepared myself, I enter the room.  I don’t know at this point that it will be a sensory scene. He holds me for […]

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Schoolgirl scene - theatre curtains which say scene it, done it a backstage pass

Schoolgirl Scene

There can be a variety of ways to start a schoolgirl scene but on this occasion I am simply instructed to have a bath, prepare myself, and then get changed into the clothes that he will leave outside the bathroom. I love this part of a scene, getting ready; it […]

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Evening 'Completus'

I do realise that completus is a made up word, but this is the continuation of my last post Evening Interruptus.  Having had our plans for Wednesday evening’s play foiled, Sir had postponed things until Friday when we would, hopefully, be alone again.  Friday was a little more tricky than Wednesday […]

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Spanking Orgasms

Story of the O – #5 Spanking (impact) Orgasms

I have already posted a couple of times about spanking and the role it has in our dynamic (Spanking Uncovered and Oh That Sweet Sweet Spot).  In the second of these posts I have referred to the sweet spot and the fact that the repeated attention to that area can get me […]

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orgasms - story of the O

Story of the O – #4 Anal Orgasms

An anal orgasm was not something I was really prepared for and it came as a bit of a surprise. A pretty amazing surprise but a surprise nonetheless. We had been engaging in anal play for a while when it first happened. I think I said before that I had […]

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female with cup of tea and fluffy socks - consent

Consent, Safety and Aftercare

This post is written in response to a comment on my last post Forced Orgasms. Thank you for the feedback lurvspanking. In the relationship we have, consent is taken as a given.  This is because we trust each other and communicate fully with one another.  We have discussed limits, both […]

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