Bloodlust with colour splash

Bloodlust and Photography

Taking erotic photography has been a focus for us for a while now. It is something that we both enjoy and get quite a bit from. Sometimes I will take pictures myself and, more often, it will be a joint thing. We have learnt quite a bit about what works […]

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Nurturing the primal - image of a Cabin in the woods

Nurturing the Primal Side

Tomorrow HL and I head off to a cabin in the woods for a couple of days.  The thought of being able to nurture the more primal side of us, which is so often put on hold due to circumstances and opportunity, is such a welcome thing. And yet I […]

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To bruise or not to bruise

I have thought on and off about the marks and bruises which have been acquired in the process of having kinky fun as part of our D/s. Usually I would not welcome a bruise as I find it unsightly, and most of the shades it turns to do nothing for […]

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