The search for silence before the scene

I am waiting for you in the silence. I listen for you: for your breathing, or the sound of you sipping your coffee, or the tapping of the keys on your phone. But I hear nothing. I try to silence my own head. My thoughts are talking at me. So […]

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The Humiliation Game

The Humiliation Game

My phone pings. I check it casually and notice which chat the message is in. I feel a flutter in my stomach. I have been thinking that I would like to take a series of photographs of Missy for you personally. My stomach lurches and I don’t really know what […]

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He wanted Red

He wanted red

Red. He wanted red. Ready in red. Kneeling down, bum on heels, Legs apart. Further apart. Stop. No, further again. Too much? No, not too much. Carefully. Both the same. Perfect. Breathe. Remember to breathe. Back straight. Don’t slouch. Breathe. Calm. Breathe again. Waiting. Chin down, eyes cast low. Don’t […]

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In the bedroom

Go up to the bedroom. Put on a pair of black knickers and lie on your front on the bed and wait for me. I do as I am told, getting up quickly and leaving the room. My head is in the right place and I want this but I […]

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Mummification Monday for missy

We have been meaning to try mummification for quite a while. It was actually one of the gifts on our advent calendar this year (and last) but for some reason, something has always come up to stop it from happening. HL had said this year that the gifts which had […]

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The Things We Do or This Thing We Do

According to the urban dictionary, ‘TTWD’ or ‘This Thing We Do’ is “Commonly used in the S&M/spanking community to refer to those activities.” Actually I think a clearer definition would be to say that within the BDSM community, TTWD refers to the activities we practice. For us, that would be essentially living a D/s […]

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Play with me and play with you

Play is a huge part of our relationship. Much of our connection is fuelled by the closeness that arises from our play sessions; I have never been played with as much as I have been since becoming a submissive and this is something that I love. It is sort of […]

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Electromagnetic Spanking - missy over HL's knee with photo filter

Electromagnetic Spanking

Ready for some electromagnetic spanking? Draped across your knee, pulled into your magnetic field, I feel your charge. Skirt lifted, knickers lowered, you bring my skin slowly to life as you rub and stroke and nip. You ignite me with your words, rewiring my brain and connecting it, through my […]

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Aftercare build up Warm up Cool Down image

Warm up and cool down

I wrote this post for The SafeworD/s Club because our theme this week was warming up and cooling down so I wanted to focus on how this works within a D/s play relationship. These thoughts are based on my own experience so should be taken as suggestions only, as different […]

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people in uniform

All about the Uniform

The first few times HL and I got a chance to be together properly, he was dressed in an army uniform. I didn’t ever think that I had a thing for men in uniforms but I do look back at those times with fondness and a twitch you know where. […]

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what we mean by a scene

Ready, Get set, Go!

The post Ready, Get set, Go was originally published on the blog at The SafeworD/s Club . Although it was co-written with HisLordship, I thought that it might be helpful to anyone visiting here too as clearly I can’t have the experiences that I do, or write about the things that I do, without […]

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naked paino recital

A Play and a Symphony

It seems funny now to think of how far I have come since the first naked piano recital that I did for HisLordship. At the time, I was still very shy and body conscious. It was quite near the start of our D/s really and I was trying to push […]

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fire and heat = couple in front of fire

Fire and Heat

Well I asked for fire and heat and for some reason that is what I got. If only all good thoughts translated to wishes with such speed and such ease! Being honest I am not sure if it was the thinking that changed something within me, the fact that we […]

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Submissive Power

So we were lying there this Sunday morning enjoying a slow start to the day. We had woken up at the usual time and were snuggled up with ipads, catching up on social media. There was no rush so we enjoyed the time that we had but after a while […]

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love me hard

Love me Hard

Sometimes HL and I can go through times where we are less physical together than at others. This can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe one of us is tired or stressed or sick or working away or involved in dealing with something emotional. At times like this we […]

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reading my post - mask quote

A little reading goes a long way

Last night we had set some time aside for each other as we had missed out for one reason or another. I guess that we both must have needed it because despite the stuff of life working to derail us with its usual tricks, we managed to get back to […]

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Are we kinky?

Are we still kinky?

This follows on from my post, Kinky, and actually ties in to my recent post, Ahhhhhh!. I said in my kinky post that sometimes I felt that I wasn’t really kinky anymore and that I wasn’t sure how important that part was to me. Although I wrote that post back in November […]

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Picture of fucking machine

A Fucking Machine

HisLordship has made a fucking machine.  It was revealed on Saturday and although the unveiling did not really take the form of the kind of hot, steamy scene that he had envisaged (the changing movements of teenagers foiled us again) we did get a chance to give it a quick […]

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