cock worship

Cock Worship

So number 7 in our advent calendar is cock worship. This seems timely as I read a post earlier by Purple Sole on the same topic. In his post, PS asks the question, what is the difference between a blow job and cock worship.  Now that is the post I […]

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He has been forcing the orgasms from me for so long I have long lost count. I am so far past myself that I am no longer aware of what I am doing. I can hear the noises I am making but it is as if they are coming from […]

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Orgasms, Oral and Openness

A to Z Challenge – O An obvious for the letter O is ORGASMS and I have already written a series of posts about different types of orgasms. I am also taking part in the 30 day orgasm challenge this month so that has left me writing quite a bit […]

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cock therapy

Cock Therapy

I wrote about the role of oral sex in our relationship in my post, when giving meets receiving, and there I mentioned that we used it sometimes as part of our ritual for transitioning from work to home mode and also sometimes to reset our dynamic. I also explained that over […]

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