Sexy scene

A sexy scene

Actually it was more sexy play than a sexy scene but I felt the alliteration worked better for my title. In addition, the sexy play lasted about an hour and a half which, by my definition puts it more in the scene category. However, usually a scene is something that […]

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His Study ~ A short trip into the past

He has watched her for days now, his study.  The details of every move and mannerism, the intonation of her voice, the cadence of her laughter. He know her as his.  He has traced the lines of her body with the fingertip of his mind’s eye, the curve of her […]

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I imagine you

I imagine You

I imagine you, your fingers trailing lightly across my skin. Teasing me, claiming me, marking out what is yours. I imagine you watching as my body responds to you, goosebumps forming, creating a momentary path to show where you have been. I wonder about you are planning, about what you […]

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only a kiss

Mr Brightside: It was only a kiss

He knew that he wanted her as soon as he saw her. He couldn’t quite say why but he was kind of a serial pursuer of pleasure. He had married by mistake if the truth be known. Like a genuine case of misunderstanding, but that was another story; his story, […]

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Nudity, Need and Nipple Play

A to Z Challenge – N My first N is NUDITY. Nudity is something that HisLordship loves and wants more of. I struggled with it initially but have made leaps and bounds of late. When I did my submissive advent calendar for him, I included naked piano playing and a […]

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love me hard

Love me Hard

Sometimes HL and I can go through times where we are less physical together than at others. This can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe one of us is tired or stressed or sick or working away or involved in dealing with something emotional. At times like this we […]

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Under the Surface

I have felt horny all week. Somehow I just can’t seem to get enough of HisLordship. The kids are still here but the parents have now left and I feel like I just need to regroup. We have tried to catch time together and have managed a little during the […]

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Evening 'Completus'

I do realise that completus is a made up word, but this is the continuation of my last post Evening Interruptus.  Having had our plans for Wednesday evening’s play foiled, Sir had postponed things until Friday when we would, hopefully, be alone again.  Friday was a little more tricky than Wednesday […]

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cock therapy

Cock Therapy

I wrote about the role of oral sex in our relationship in my post, when giving meets receiving, and there I mentioned that we used it sometimes as part of our ritual for transitioning from work to home mode and also sometimes to reset our dynamic. I also explained that over […]

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I need you

i need You

I have that overwhelming need for you tonight. It started as a seed in my mind – from what I am not sure. A word, a thought, an action? But it has grown, my body nurturing it, until it has developed and it will be heard. It is a need […]

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