Dressing for you

Dressing for You

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” – Coco Chanel Clothes can be like props to transport you into being something a little different. I have always like that part of dressing up, or indeed of dressing down. For me, getting ready is part of the […]

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At of listening

The Art of Listening

A really important part of a successful relationship is effective communication. Although we begin learning how to communicate with those who are around about us and will support us and meet our needs from a very young age, many of us are not truly effective at communication. Communication is a […]

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In the window

In the Window

Standing in the window naked was not something I thought I would ever be comfortable with. And yet, there I am. I love what windows do. A tiny glimpse out and a tiny glimpse in. A slither of information that the mind is left to play with and turn over, […]

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missy and HL exchange gifts as part of the D/s Advent 2018

Festive Fun – Our D/s Advent Calendar 2018

Well that is the period of advent at a close and, therefore, the end of ‘gifts’ that we were giving each other as part of our D/s Advent Calendar for 2018. I have posted about some of these activities and others I have left private. In order to be transparent, […]

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missy bound on the bed under a light curtain

Light Bondage

What could be better for Christmas than some light bondage? HL’s most recent festive purchase was a light net which I thought was for decorating the bush in the garden. It seems he had different ideas and told me to lie face down on the bed while he secured it […]

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christmas is coming - surviving the holidays

Christmas is coming – Surviving the holidays

Surviving the Christmas holidays, in a submissive mindset, is tough. We were writing a post about it for The SafeworD/s Club which was meant to focus on top tips. And I realised that despite knowing the theory, see previous post with top tips, we are not always so good at […]

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Collar TIme - play collar

Under the Collar

I didn’t always wear a collar and it didn’t happen to me like it did in the books. In the fiction I read it was part of the formality of their agreement and it came after a time of being together as play partners I guess. Alternatively the experienced Dom […]

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Advent 18

Advent Adventures 2018

I mentioned in my SoSS post that I wanted to do something to mark advent for 2018 but I wasn’t sure what. The idea sprang up originally as our circumstances had changed and so 2016 was going to bring less in the way of material gifts for Christmas. I was also aware […]

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sugar and spice - spicy sex

Sugar and Spice – spicy sex?

I have always been someone who enjoys sex. When I look back now that sort of surprises me as the type of sex we have currently is so different to anything that I had found before. The closest comparison would be at the beginning of the relationship when you are […]

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UK Blog Award Banner

Please Vote for Me

I feel quite embarrassed to be writing this post. I have hummed and hawed a bit but decided that it was silly not to say what was on my mind. As you know, I started this blog as a way of documenting my journey as a married submissive. This was […]

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Worn Different - missy in docs in the woods

Worn Different

Dr. Martens Worn Different campaign is about celebrating diversity and individuality by focussing on people with a unique style who are connected by their rebellious spirit. I think that I appear very ‘normal’ to others. In some situations this can be a good thing but in others it is not. […]

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Lost - woman standing in the water on a rock


Sometimes I feel a bit lost. It has been one of those times and I am not sure why I feel like this. I think it started when something happened to make me question how comfortable I was with this other part of my life becoming exposed and judged by […]

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picture of clouds saying and breathe for blogging and me

Blogging and me

When I started blogging I really had no idea how it would work for me. The purpose of my blog was to be able to share my own experience and hopefully to connect with others. This happened in a much bigger way than I could have predicted but actually blogging […]

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The other me

In my other life I am a champion for others. This is a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but recently I have been feeling that the two parts of my life are becoming more and more polarised. Actually keeping things separate is something that we have worked to achieve. […]

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can i put my finger in your arse

Can I put my finger in your arse?

HisLordship and I knew each other quite well by the time we were actually together. As I explained in On the phone, we had talked about lots of things via phone and text and knew that our interests were outside the ordinary. I don’t know if either of us would […]

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