Stuck in a Dip

Stuck in a dip

I am never sure whether I want to write about dips or not as it seems a bit negative. But they do happen and sometimes when you are stuck in a dip that is what you need to talk about. Although dips aren’t nice, I do think that they are […]

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Submissive Questions - the cognitive triangle

Submissive Questions

Why do I ask myself submissive questions?All behaviour is communication whether it is based on something that you say or something that you do. So the way you behave will say something to those around about you about what you are thinking and what you are feeling. Your behaviour will […]

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bread and butter D/s

The house that D/s built

Recently a friend asked me an interesting question. What is the bread and butter of your D/s? I had to think about this for a while and later on I discussed it with Sir as the process led me to evaluate what we were doing and discover why, at times, […]

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Catch me if you can

The first thing with Sir is that he can catch me, and the second is that I know that he will catch me. This is reassuring to say the least; I trust him implicitly and he has never knowingly let me down. However, sometimes it is hard to catch someone […]

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Evening 'Completus'

I do realise that completus is a made up word, but this is the continuation of my last post Evening Interruptus.  Having had our plans for Wednesday evening’s play foiled, Sir had postponed things until Friday when we would, hopefully, be alone again.  Friday was a little more tricky than Wednesday […]

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Two Years of submission

I decided to that it would be useful to think about the past two years living as a submissive wife.  I guess that really what I want to think about it how far I have come and where I am going to go next.  I have always believed that relationships […]

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Happy Anniversary Sir

When I felt invisible, you saw me. When I felt weak, you made me feel stronger, and when I needed a friend, you were there. You have broadened my world. You are my shelter, and my wings. You have calmed me and made me feel safe, but you have also […]

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