knowing and doing

Knowing and Doing

I don’t want to be writing this post but then again, I don’t want to be feeling like I do. Actually I feel okay now but before I didn’t. Now I am here. Matter of fact. Being rational. And the thing about writing about what happens is that you don’t […]

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long distance D/s

From a Distance

The topic for our chat last night on The SWC was D/s from a Distance. Basically the focus was on how you keep the dynamic going and make it work when you are not physically together. This is something that we have talked about before on a number of occasions […]

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Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights – A Fantasy for Sir

This is my number 14. As Sir is travelling home today, I wanted him to have something to read. I have long since promised to write out one of my fantasies for him. This is one we have talked about at the later stage so I thought that I would […]

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No 7 and No 8 – the gifts of time

My instruction for today: On the 7th day your Dom gave to you: on a very busy day for Missy, the gift of time. When you go to bed tonight I want you to lay in bed naked and lightly touch yourself, as you do. I want you to take […]

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missing you - video still from snow patrol turn the fire to the third bar

No. 6 – missing you

Number 6 for our advent calendar was Missing You. I love this song and sent it to HisLordship this morning to let him know how I am feeling being apart from him. I like Snow Patrol anyway and have listened to them since I bought their first album back […]

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Christmas list

It’s the 5th – Christmas List

I was pretty excited when I received details of the gift for today it was a Christmas list. On the 5th day of our advent – Santa always needs a list to help the elves. I would like you to make a list of the sexual things your Dom could […]

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in underwear

No 3 leads No 4 – underwear

Sir’s instructions for the 3rd were to do with my underwear and they were sent by message that morning: Santa’s Sack of Goodies (Part 1).  Before your bedtime today I want you to review all of your underwear. On the bed I want you to arrange the top 5 sets […]

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wonder woman


Last week was a bit of a whirlwind. It was an odd week with HisLordship working away from home but as I wrote in my last post, I think the time apart was actually good for us in terms of allowing some reflection. I felt at the start of a […]

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