silver linings

Silver Linings and Giving Thanks

2020 has been such a year. It is hardly conceivable to imagine this time last year that we would be sat where we are right now. Unprecedented is the word on everyone’s lips and it is the only word really which seems to fit. I have written a lot about […]

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Relax – recovery will come

Feeling relaxed is hard right now. There is a layer under the surface which never rests, never sleeps. I have tried yoga, and masturbation. I have tried walking and reading. I have tried new projects and focusing my energies into changing things and taking back control, but there is a […]

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libido on lockdown

Is my Libido on Lockdown?

I had hoped that being isolated with HL all day would allow us to ramp things up a bit sexually, but the current lockdown seems to have had the opposite effect and led to a loss in libido. I am not sure if I am alone in this, but it […]

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D/s on Lockdown – dealing with change

I have learnt, the hard way, that a D/s relationship is very susceptible to change. I know that all relationships require adjustments and tweaks in order to accommodate change, but I think, for us at least, the tight sense of structure and routine that supports a D/s lifestyle is easily […]

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Diary 1st April

Seven days in April ~ Day One

I know that today is not the 1st April, but this is an extract from the diary that I have been keeping. 1st April I woke at 3am again. This has been happening for the past three weeks. I try not to let my mind switch on, but something pricks […]

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