shifting limits - reflection in the mirror

Shifting Limits – a picture of submission

Our focus this week at The SWC is Exploration and the Great Unknown. As part of that, HL has written a post about our limits and how they have changed over time. There are things that we thought we would never do which we have since tried and made a […]

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Mindset, Maintenance and Middles

A to Z Challenge – M For the letter M I thought I would start with MINDSET. For me, adopting a submissive mindset has been the biggest reward and also the biggest challenge. It has meant that I have had to not only change how I behave, but also how […]

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Limits, Labels and Life

A to Z Challenge – L For the letter L I wanted to start with LIMITS. I think that it is important when starting out that you focus on Setting Limits especially for play. If you are like us and already in a loving relationship with your partner you will likely know […]

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Exposure - missy facing out of hotel doorway


In his recent post, What’s the Kick?,  HisLordship wrote,”I like seeing my wife on display for me, and for kicks I like to think of sharing that experience with others.” This has got me to thinking about where this could actually go and I have to admit that it is met […]

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