playing roles

Playing Roles

I was pleased to see that the kink of the week topic this time was role-play.  I like role-play and I thought that it was something I could write about. Then I realised that I ALREADY HAD! so the post I would have written is there if you want to read about […]

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Doggy Style – Kink of the Week

I love rough sex and I love being used. Not all the time of course, and it is probably only because I am in the relationship that I am that I want to be taken this way sometimes. To be pushed or commanded up onto my hands and knees is […]

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Blame it on the boots

Blame it on the Boots

I LOVE boots. My friend Emily will joke when I say that I don’t know what to wear. “What about boots?” she will ask. And it is true, I am more often than not in boots, whether they are long or short or high or low, boots are my preferred […]

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