sweet spot

Oh That Sweet Sweet Spot

When we first started spanking we didn’t know much about the sweet spot.  This is a term used to describe the part of the lower bum just above where it meets the top of the thighs. It is called the sweet spot as it feels especially good when spanked, due […]

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four fingers and beyond - fisting

Four Fingers and Beyond

I was asked by a friend the other day what I got out of fisting and anal sex.  She also wondered what it was that my Sir got from it.  She and her Dom had set these as limits I think, but were interested in what there might be to […]

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tap of the cane

The Tap of HisLordship’s Cane

I am lying on my front.  My arms are spread above me and my legs are spread apart.  I must not move and so I lie still, bound by his will.  My body is pressed into the sheets and my sensitivity to the touch of the cotton is a telltale […]

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you had me at spanking

Spanking Uncovered

Spanking.  What is it about this that gets me running to my room to slip off my knickers, bend over and present myself?  I’m sure that my fellow spankthusiasts out there know exactly what I mean. But somehow, at some point, I moved from being someone who enjoyed the odd […]

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Oral Sex - when giving meets receiving

Oral Sex: When Giving Meets Receiving

I guess that really, giving meets receiving is the crux of a power exchange, certainly one with a D/s slant. Making your partner happy and meeting their needs and desires is both fulfilling and consuming in equal measure. It becomes a powerful part of who you are and who you […]

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Being Kinky

Being Kinky

I think that being kinky is something that you are and not something you become, although the realisation that not everyone feels as you do and wants to do the things that you do can mean that you don’t always get to explore as you might.  I remember even as […]

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Setting limits - stop sign on road

Setting Limits

  In addition to the rules, rituals and tasks that we agreed to take on as part of our commitment to a D/s lifestyle, we also had a set of protocols designed around play and scenes. In terms of setting limits, we worked on a limits list quite early on […]

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Starting out banner

Starting Out

Starting out on my D/s journey was both exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.  Having realised in a lightbulb moment that what I had felt for a long time was because I was (or needed/wanted to be) a submissive, was just the first step.  I still had to […]

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I hear you come home. I am waiting. You walk in and fill the room. I am overwhelmed by what I feel. I want you, and to be yours. I can’t express it as I wish and want to bottle these feelings for a time when I can show you […]

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the magic

The Magic

I am standing in the room, waiting as instructed. My body is straight with a slight curve in the small of my back which forces my bum and my chest out. My eyes are down and my legs are apart. My hands are behind my back and I am open […]

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Being Submissive - How I got here banner

How I Got Here

In 2012, I realised that I was a submissive.  In some ways this came as a bit of a surprise to me; I had always been strong and independent and felt safest when I was in control. In other ways, however, this made perfect sense; the fantasies I felt were […]

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