humiliation kink

What is a humiliation kink and do I have one?

What is a humiliation kink? Humiliation of the erotic type can be very arousing. People who derive sexual pleasure from being humiliated in certain ways, can come to see themselves as having a humiliation kink. I would certainly put myself into this category, but this is something I have taken […]

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Being perverted

Being perverted and why I like it

Perverted: characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies I like the thought of being perverted. It turns me on and I suppose that is all the proof needed that it is a good fit. I don’t take it as an insult or as being a bad thing, more […]

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An unrequited love for kink

An Unrequited Love for Kink

Unrequited love is usually concerned with a love which is not reciprocated for whatever reason. It may be that the object of your desire is unaware of your feelings, or indeed unavailable to you. It might happen that your love for them has continued beyond the point where you were […]

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kink or fetish or D/s

Kink or Fetish or D/s?

I would have said that I was into kink but had no fetishes. Having done some research I am now confused. At times I have even wondered if I am still kinky. It is hard because I move in worlds where what we do seems to be the norm. I […]

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sex and BDSM

Sex and BDSM: Dominance and submission

Many people assume that sex and BDSM are linked in that BDSM (Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) is always about sex. I suppose this depends on your definition of ‘sex’. For me, all of these elements would have a sexual charge, I find them sexy too, […]

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Sacrilege - the perversion of ceremony

Sacrilege – the perversion of ceremony

Content Warning – as the title suggests, this post talks about sacrilege. If this is a kink which you find offensive then you may wish to read no further. The Thrill of the Taboo One of the things that is attractive about sacrilege is the thrill of taboo. Whether you […]

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Showing Stigma the Finger

Showing Stigma the Finger

I have been fortunate not to have suffered a lot of stigma in my life, but when I saw an email from Hot Octopuss yesterday explaining their #ShowStigmaTheFinger campaign, I felt it was such a good cause that I wanted to take part. Anything that raises the profile of a […]

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Everything you can imagine is real

“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso She imagined herself on holiday. Somewhere quiet where nobody knew them. She had thought of that when she bought the dress. I wasn’t fancy of course, that would be too obvious; it was enough to draw attention without being indecent, she felt. […]

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public play

Public Play

Public play is something that we both find quite interesting and therefore, it might seem strange that we  have not done more of it. Although we have had a couple of opportunities and have give it a go, it is not something that has become much of a feature of […]

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Taboo, or not taboo, that is the question

Well cast me out and curse me right now as I am going to be honest here; things which are taboo turn me on. That doesn’t mean that I am turned on by all things wrong of course, but what it does mean is that if I see something as […]

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Mummification Monday for missy

We have been meaning to try mummification for quite a while. It was actually one of the gifts on our advent calendar this year (and last) but for some reason, something has always come up to stop it from happening. HL had said this year that the gifts which had […]

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pine needle play

Pine Needle Play

2 – Pine Needle Play Pine Needles of different variety will be needed for this festive scene! Plenty of sharp medical grade needles will be employed to give missy some Ho Ho Ho of her own! I feel you pinch my skin and I wait. I feel vulnerable and weak. […]

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New Hood - a peek inside

The New Hood – a peek inside

He tells me to sit and wait for him, naked on the edge of the bed. The new hood is laid out on the dresser, beside the lube and some other items. I try not to look at what is there, choosing instead to close my eyes. When he comes […]

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Aftercare build up Warm up Cool Down image

Warm up and cool down

I wrote this post for The SafeworD/s Club because our theme this week was warming up and cooling down so I wanted to focus on how this works within a D/s play relationship. These thoughts are based on my own experience so should be taken as suggestions only, as different […]

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Forced Orgasm scene. Picture of stage curtains which says scene it, done it - a backstage pass

Forced Orgasm Scene

The first proper scene the we did when we started D/s was a forced orgasm scene and it remains one of the easiest ways for me to reach subspace. To get to that point would probably be between 4 and 6 separate orgasms but with rolling ones in between. * […]

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Revelations - poster which reads time for the big reveal


Perhaps revelations is too strong; discoveries and confirmations may actually fit better. HisLordship has written already, an account of our time at KinkFest. I didn’t want to write my own as that seemed a little pointless, if not repetitive. What I do think is important, however, is what we have […]

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people in uniform

All about the Uniform

The first few times HL and I got a chance to be together properly, he was dressed in an army uniform. I didn’t ever think that I had a thing for men in uniforms but I do look back at those times with fondness and a twitch you know where. […]

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knife Play

Playing it down

I posted last week about the fact that sometimes people exaggerate or spin their experiences in order to make them seem more exciting, or more interesting, or more something else than they actually were. As a realist, this doesn’t sit well with me. However, I can see the value in […]

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emotional masochism

Emotional Masochism

I have always had a good pain threshold. Pain was always something that I could manage and make work for me so I probably would have said back in the vanilla world that I was a masochist, or at the very least, masochistic.  When we started D/s I was able […]

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