hitting the marks

Hitting the Marks

I remember when I got my first mark from a spanking. It was a bruise and I loved it. I kept looking at it and it made me feel like a proper submissive somehow. It was my secret and it told the story of my secret life. It also made […]

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the hows and whys of fisting

The hows and whys of fisting

I have written about what we get out of fisting before and also about why sometimes it meets a need that nothing else can, but I don’t think I have ever got down to the nitty gritty of fisting itself. So that is what I plan to do in this […]

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He bought us a speculum

When His Lordship first announced with some glee, that he had bought us a speculum, I must admit I was fearful. I think he was surprised because I had told him that I often thought about medical play, that it turned me on, and that it was one of my […]

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The Z-Job and other night-time adventures

When I did the Blogging A-Z Challenge last year, I wrote about the Z-job.  I hadn’t actually known that it was ‘a thing’ before that, but there you go; I always said that I was here to learn. For anyone else who may also be in the dark, a Z-job […]

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eye contact and hungry eyes

Hungry Eyes – Kink of the Week

You know that feeling when you are looking at someone from across the room? Watching them and thinking about them and then they catch you? You glance away but your eyes are drawn back and you make eye contact again but your eyes lock this time? That happened to us. […]

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Collar TIme - play collar

Under the Collar

I didn’t always wear a collar and it didn’t happen to me like it did in the books. In the fiction I read it was part of the formality of their agreement and it came after a time of being together as play partners I guess. Alternatively the experienced Dom […]

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desire - heart on fire in grey ashes

Desire of the dark: crossing the boundary

She had busied herself with the preparations for the last few days now. It was really hard to have a relationship like this, but worth it, the waiting. It was her time, the time when patience and control could finally give way to desire. She sang her songs and cleaned […]

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Risky Sex

As a school girl I can remember my mum coming home after delivering meals on wheels to the elderly lady who lived across the road and reporting the she had said, “I see your eldest is courting.”  What the lady had actually seen was my boyfriend kissing me goodnight at […]

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one phone talking to another

On the phone

It is a long time since HisLordship and I engaged in proper phone sex. At the beginning of our relationship it meant everything, as that was the greatest medium we had for regular communication, but since living together we have used it less and less. Having said that, I think […]

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The Fishnet Affair

I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with fishnets over the years. I suppose my interest has come and gone with the fashions a bit but the change in our lifestyle has meant that I have given them another go and fishnet is back in one form or […]

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