The sex life I want is passionate, intimate and intense

The sex life I want This post is about the sex life I want, which is really the one I have. But I want it more: more frequently, more consistently, more reliably. More passionate, more intimate, and more intense.(But first ……a little digression.)I decided this year that I wanted to […]

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Intensity, Intimacy and Impact

A to Z Challenge – I I have often said that being in a D/s relationship has allowed me to have the INTIMACY and the INTENSITY that I always wanted but never thought I would find. I always felt too much for someone before and, although they seemed to want […]

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Desiring my Man as well as my Dom

I think that anyone who has experienced the intensity of the physical connection in a D/s relationship will know that it is really pretty addictive. It is similar to the way you feel at the start of a relationship where you are overwhelmed by your desire for that other person. […]

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