Thoughts on celebrity - red carpet through town

Some thoughts on celebrity

I wonder if the view on celebrity is changing. For some reason, in usual circumstances we seem to love celebrity. We have a society which doesn’t just raise up the status of celebrities but actually goes out of its way to create them. I don’t get it. Well, that’s not […]

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Happy 2018

I feel at home here. It is odd to have an online journal of sorts.  I have never really been the sort for that but that is what it seems has happened to me here. That I see this as a community that I am part of is a lot […]

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You Tread on my Dreams

The romantic in me has always loved this poem.  I have always wanted to feel the devotion and trust that inspired Yeats but it evaded me for most of my life. The student in me appreciated the imagery and understood the depth of the passion and love that he felt in […]

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Fire of Love

The Fire of Love

I think that for me this is true.  Obviously there are many different types of love in life – the love of our children, parents, friends etc will be very different to the love of our partner, but to actually feel that love is always an incredible thing.  It is […]

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