missy reading the great gatsby

The Great Gatsby – One Book

One book that I love is ‘The Great Gatsby’. I fell in love with it when I was 17 and I have remained true, dipping into it over the years, watching the various film adaptations, and once, even teaching it.  The copy here is the original that I bought back […]

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The road not taken

The road not taken for a very long time

I have written about discovering that I was submissive before and, little pitch coming up, even had a piece called ‘Submission and Me‘ published in ‘Discovery; An Eroticon Anthology’.  I have wondered about why it took me until I was in my 40s to work it all out and why […]

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Safewords – Do I Need One?

Do I need a safeword? I have mixed feelings about safewords. On one hand I think they are an important part of keeping safe in a BDSM relationship and, on the other, I wonder if they are pretty superfluous in the type of D/s relationship that I have now. In […]

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