The Vampire Women – Secrets of the Baobhan Sith

Having hunted all day, the men took shelter in the bothy as planned. They had feasted on a couple of rabbits and sat around the small fire, keeping cosy with a flagon of wine. The laughed together as men will do, outbidding each other with their tales of bravery and […]

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book worm

Book Worm

When I was young I was a bit of a book worm: I read, and I read, and I read. Even when I got older I still loved reading and would always have a fiction book or two on the go. I was never so much into non-fiction but have […]

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naughty or nice

Naughty or Nice?

“Naughty or nice?” he said, indicating two piles of toys laid out on the dresser as she came into the bedroom. She looked from one to the other and froze. He had done this once before, put on that voice and said those things and, to be honest, she just […]

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