A hug a snug and a fug

I am a bit mixed on hugging. I do like it but only with the right person. I know that there are lots of health benefits to hugging due to the release of Oxytocin and dopamine, but I would be choosy about who I wanted to hug really. If I […]

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home place or person

What makes a house a home?

When I saw the question Home – place or person?, I wanted to say person because the people there are really what makes a home. I have moved house a few times and I am always able to establish a sense of home in a new place fairly quickly and […]

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The Real Me

It is interesting that people form an opinion of you and that rarely seems to change, even when your behaviour and actions don’t seem to support it. I think that for some reason some of my family members don’t see the real person that I am, despite them having evidence […]

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Desiring my Man as well as my Dom

I think that anyone who has experienced the intensity of the physical connection in a D/s relationship will know that it is really pretty addictive. It is similar to the way you feel at the start of a relationship where you are overwhelmed by your desire for that other person. […]

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HisLordship was away for a couple of days this week. It is a while since we spent time apart and I was reminded of how intensely I feel his presence, even in his absence. The depth of our connection means that although I crave his physical touch, his emotional one […]

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My thoughts on rules are mixed right now.  Usually I think that rules are good; they help to keep structure and peace. They mean that we know where we are. We are taught from a young age that all we do is simply follow the rules and we will be […]

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Missing Sir

Missing you and missing me

Although I am missing Sir, I am having a lovely weekend celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday with her. We have come away together for a city break which is really nice. It is giving us lots of one to one time which is not always possible in the busy family […]

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