Time Management

Time and it’s management

I am not really good at time management. Timekeeping, yes, but time management, no. I think there are a couple of good reasons for this: The first is the fact that I set myself high standards and want to achieve the best I can, and the second is that I […]

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Losing the Groove

So I never wrote about the days in the cabin.  Having bigged it up in my head, I think that we lost our groove somewhat. Although it feels a slightly negative thing to write about, it is the reality for us, and I expect for some others, that sometimes the […]

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Expectations, Exposure and Endorphins

A to Z Challenge – E E was a little bit harder and I didn’t have to whittle my selection of things that I wanted to write about down as much. I don’t think that EXPECTATIONS are a D/s related thing as such. More they area a relationship related thing but […]

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D/s relationship expectations

D/s Relationship Expectations

To have expectations can be a great thing. It allows you to set standards and to measure where you are in terms of meeting your targets. Within a D/s relationship expectations are really important as they are a key part of the commitment that you are making to the other […]

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