In the Window

In the window again ~ another flash

He has her in the window again. Does he do it for me, or for him?I think they know I watch. I think I am part of what they do.  She has been there some time. My pot of coffee is gone and I should get on with the day.  I am […]

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On Display

To say she was embarrassed just didn’t describe it. She was mortified – hell, she was beyond mortification. When she had discussed her fantasy first of all, she had no idea he would actually make her do it. Now here she was, sat on the chair, naked, opened and on […]

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The definition of exhibitionism as, extravagant behaviour that is intended to attract attention to oneself, or in terms of psychiatry, a mental condition characterized by the compulsion to display one’s genitals in public, both have negative connotations. In the kink world, where there are negative connotations for just about every act we enjoy, […]

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