Aftercare - two hands holding hearts

Happily Ever Aftercare

In BDSM, aftercare can be the secret to things being lasting and retaining that sense of magic you share with your play partner. It allows you to feel safe, build trust, and create a strong connection through the shared experience. Although it is the play rather than the aftercare which […]

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Lights will guide you home

Lights Will Guide You Home

I have been struggling to write recently. I just can’t seem to focus my thoughts and I think that this is due to feeling exhausted. Usually the weekends afford me a break and I can catch up a bit but something happened this week up to throw me off course […]

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The worst week

The Worst Week

Wow – what a week. I have honestly never experienced such a range of emotions in such an ever changing landscape before. I know that people are probably fed up hearing about and reading about the effects of Covid-19, but I often write to process because it is something that […]

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A weight on my shoulders

“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.” ― Ariana Dancu Recently I have felt that I have a lot on my shoulders; I feel that they are supporting not only my own […]

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communicating with your Dominant

Tell me

During our chat the other night, one of the Doms asked if any of the subs found it hard to tell their Dominant how they were really feeling. I think that this got a few of us thinking as Sweetgirl posted last week on the same topic. At the time most of […]

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better together

The 9th & 10th – Better Together

I think it is safe to say that yesterday I had a bit of a crash. It had been building I suppose and due to a combination of factors, it all just fell apart. It wasn’t that I didn’t see it coming but because HisLordship is away, there wasn’t the […]

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