Edge Play

On the Edge play

Content Notice: This post contains details of edge play including knife play, needle play, CNC and breath play. What is edgy for one is not necessarily edgy for another and this post has come at a time when I am not feeling at my most edgy. So consider this a […]

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needle play - spider's web design created by sub-Bee

Needle Play: just a few small pricks

Needle play is something that HL and I talked about a while ago. Initially he wasn’t all that keen on the idea and so it was on the the list of soft limits which sit there for a bit as you immerse yourself in all of the ‘yes’ activities that […]

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knife Play

Playing it down

I posted last week about the fact that sometimes people exaggerate or spin their experiences in order to make them seem more exciting, or more interesting, or more something else than they actually were. As a realist, this doesn’t sit well with me. However, I can see the value in […]

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