type of submissive

What is your ideal view of my submission?

I wrote the title for this post back on the 8th of November. It came from a question that furcissy asked me about the type of submissive HisLordship wanted. I asked Sir the question, thinking that I could write the post but the conversation didn’t really go as anticipated. It […]

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We recently had a chat at The SafeworD/s Club about Roleplay. In my preamble to the topic I described roleplay as the marmite of BDSM as people either seem to love or to hate it. It turned out that most of us who attended the chat were fans, although we’d […]

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Path to the Summit?

This is the second part, or the follow up to my earlier post: Submissive Plateau? HisLordship and I had already discussed some of my thoughts about the fact that I may have reached a plateau in my submission before I wrote the previous post. I had not really worked through my […]

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Riding the Slash

As most of you will know, last night saw the opening of our new chat site – The SafeworD/s Club.  We were lucky to have some great chat with some amazing people and I am feeling pretty excited about things to come. One thing that I really liked was having the […]

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The Whisperphone

Sometimes in life there are lovely moments that make you think. I tend not to write too much about many of these for fear of ‘outing’ myself; rather I keep my personal details so very personal that I can still be missy and not the other me. I am going […]

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Picture of the howler

Pleasure from Pain

Although I have always had a high pain threshold I am not really a masochist in the physical sense, although I do get pleasure from pain.. I think that I have a good level but when you play in the safety of your own home, without an audience, you really […]

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Desiring my Man as well as my Dom

I think that anyone who has experienced the intensity of the physical connection in a D/s relationship will know that it is really pretty addictive. It is similar to the way you feel at the start of a relationship where you are overwhelmed by your desire for that other person. […]

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Sensory Scene - stage curtains with scene it done it a back stage pass written across them

Sensory Scene

I am pretty excited as I had not expected a scene today but Sir told me an hour ago that he wanted me to be ready. Having prepared myself, I enter the room.  I don’t know at this point that it will be a sensory scene. He holds me for […]

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Catch me if you can

The first thing with Sir is that he can catch me, and the second is that I know that he will catch me. This is reassuring to say the least; I trust him implicitly and he has never knowingly let me down. However, sometimes it is hard to catch someone […]

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orgasms - story of the O

Story of the O – #6 Blended Orgasms

I think that this is probably the last of the orgasm posts for me; unless of course there is a type of climax I still have yet to discover, which could well be true based on what the past two years have shown me. To me, a blended orgasm is […]

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Evening 'Completus'

I do realise that completus is a made up word, but this is the continuation of my last post Evening Interruptus.  Having had our plans for Wednesday evening’s play foiled, Sir had postponed things until Friday when we would, hopefully, be alone again.  Friday was a little more tricky than Wednesday […]

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cock therapy

Cock Therapy

I wrote about the role of oral sex in our relationship in my post, when giving meets receiving, and there I mentioned that we used it sometimes as part of our ritual for transitioning from work to home mode and also sometimes to reset our dynamic. I also explained that over […]

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two faced update

Two Faced Update

So, Sir read my post and when had finished said, “Very informative.” I wasn’t really sure if that was good or bad, but the evening passed anyway.  After a bit he told me it was time for bed and said that he thought that he would give me five minutes of the […]

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naked couple wrapped in flames - power exchange

The Power Exchange

The power exchange that takes place in our D/s relationship is a key part of what keeps our dynamic alive, but it is not something which is easy to explain. I imagine that those in similar relationships can understand the significant part it plays, but for those who aren’t, or […]

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bending my will

Bending my Will

Last night, having dealt me a bit of a caning, Sir said that he planned to have my bum cheeks exposed today so that he could enjoy the marks he had made.  This morning, true to form, he had not forgotten.  “Time to get up, missy, and I would like […]

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Two Years of submission

I decided to that it would be useful to think about the past two years living as a submissive wife.  I guess that really what I want to think about it how far I have come and where I am going to go next.  I have always believed that relationships […]

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a medicinal spank

A Medicinal Spank

I have suffered from migraines for a long, long time but never before known that a medicinal spank might work as therapy.  The first migraine I had was when I was at Primary School. I noticed suddenly that I couldn’t see properly and thought I was going blind; then the […]

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girl hugging a tiger out of trust

Domination, submission and Trust

                                                               via Daily Prompt: Trust Trust is vital in any relationship.  It is one of the cornerstones and without it […]

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