in underwear

No 3 leads No 4 – underwear

Sir’s instructions for the 3rd were to do with my underwear and they were sent by message that morning: Santa’s Sack of Goodies (Part 1).  Before your bedtime today I want you to review all of your underwear. On the bed I want you to arrange the top 5 sets […]

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sonnet xvii

Sonnet xvii

I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,in secret, between the shadow and the soul. I love you as the plant that never bloomsbut carries in itself the […]

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hello yellow

Hello Yellow

Tomorrow is World Metal Health day so I wanted to take a minute just to raise awareness for that.  At work we are saying hello yellow by wearing a ‘touch of yellow’ in order to highlight this as there are growing numbers of young people in schools who are managing […]

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Controlling Me

Controlling me

I was reading a post by Naughty Nora this morning, ‘The Surrendered Wife’, and it made me think that the strategy she was writing about, detailed in the book she had been reading, was one of the ones that I would use to help pupils to tackle anxiety. In her post, […]

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Spotlight on Communication

I mentioned in School’s Out for the Summer that Saturday mornings are one of the scheduled times that HisLordship and I devote to honest, open discussion.  It occurred to me then that I had never really written anything about how we build this sort of communication in to our dynamic.  It is so […]

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More about the sex

Since writing All about the sex? where I explained that although sex is part of our dynamic, there are other key parts too that I feel can sometimes be overlooked, a couple of conversations and a couple of comments have made me think a bit more about sex and the role it […]

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