Candaulism ~ Being an Exhibit

Candaulism, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism This is really the second part to Watching or being watched where I concluded that one of my key kinks was candaulism. Candaulism seems to be less discussed than its partner kinks of voyeurism or exhibitionism, but it is closely related. Where voyeurism is about gaining […]

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wearing his collar and cuffs out to dinner

Wearing his collar and cuffs

I get ready as usual in the clothes that we have agreed I will wear. I see that on the counter, he has set out my play collar and cuffs.  It is not unusual to see them because often a hotel stay will include some heavier play and I know […]

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Everything you can imagine is real

“Everything you can imagine is real” Pablo Picasso She imagined herself on holiday. Somewhere quiet where nobody knew them. She had thought of that when she bought the dress. I wasn’t fancy of course, that would be too obvious; it was enough to draw attention without being indecent, she felt. […]

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On Display

To say she was embarrassed just didn’t describe it. She was mortified – hell, she was beyond mortification. When she had discussed her fantasy first of all, she had no idea he would actually make her do it. Now here she was, sat on the chair, naked, opened and on […]

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