The trick of a successful punishment

The idea of punishments, and why they form part of my life as a grown woman, is a difficult one to grasp really, even as a submissive. It is one of the parts of D/s protocol that I am less than sure about and, as I have said before, we […]

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Where’s the Discipline?

In a D/s relationship the term discipline really covers quite a broad range of areas. While the one which springs to mind would be about rules and the subsequent punishment thereof, there are other areas where it plays a significant part. In my post about Training for The Safeword/s Club, […]

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Dominance, Drop and and Discipline

A to Z Challenge – D Three more great topics for today. DOMINANCE. For me, without that there would be no submission, at least in the form that it exists now. HisLordship is not a Dominant, he is my Dominant and I am not a submissive, I am his submissive and […]

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discipline quote

More Discipline

If you follow my blog, you will already have read my post on Discipline and Punishment and will know that punishment has never formed a big part of our dynamic. We did try it initially of course as we had read that was what you were supposed to do. It didn’t really […]

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