what sort of submissive am I?

What sort of submissive am I? Reader question

This is a big one: defining and coming to terms with the kind of submissive I am. In some ways, I feel like a little. I often call him “Daddy” as that’s something I called him before we started this, and I fought calling him that as my Dom for […]

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stationery fetish

A stationery fetish

I think it was probably evident from my second to last post that life was getting on top of me. The propensity to adult and deal with adult things has been high. I feel I have hardly switched off and, where D/s would be my usual release, the times seem […]

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How do I share my daddy?

How do I share my Daddy? Reader Question

How do I quell my jealous nature when I have to share my Daddy with his daughters? They are adults, but very much Daddy’s girls. I try to be the adult but I am his babygirl of 3 years now and we live together. It is becoming harder for me […]

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being middle

Little Missy Middle

This is really part 2 to yesterday’s post, The girl in me but I sort of ran into writing too much so I decided to break it down. I said there that I had identified with some of the aspects of a DD/lg dynamic but not necessarily the activities, and […]

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The girl in me

In The faces of my submission I spoke about the part of me that is the girl who wants to be taken care of, who wants to be looked after, doesn’t really want to have to be strong or deal with the adult stuff, and is happy to be led […]

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