Sexy Sleigh Ride

Number 14 of our advent calendar was ‘Sexy sleigh ride home – driver is missy in underwear.’ What could possible go wrong?  HL was off on a night out in town and the plan was for me to collect him and drive him home in only my underwear. Sounded simple […]

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can i put my finger in your arse

Can I put my finger in your arse?

HisLordship and I knew each other quite well by the time we were actually together. As I explained in On the phone, we had talked about lots of things via phone and text and knew that our interests were outside the ordinary. I don’t know if either of us would […]

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Stop running the wheel has stopped

Yesterday was interesting. Sir and I had the chat that I referred to in my last post about how we wanted to use the time over the next few weeks to work on some of the areas of our D/s that we would like to develop.  We talked a lot about being […]

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