Aftercare - two hands holding hearts

Happily Ever Aftercare

In BDSM, aftercare can be the secret to things being lasting and retaining that sense of magic you share with your play partner. It allows you to feel safe, build trust, and create a strong connection through the shared experience. Although it is the play rather than the aftercare which […]

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Aftercare build up Warm up Cool Down image

Warm up and cool down

I wrote this post for The SafeworD/s Club because our theme this week was warming up and cooling down so I wanted to focus on how this works within a D/s play relationship. These thoughts are based on my own experience so should be taken as suggestions only, as different […]

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hotel scene - theatre curtains which say scene it, done it a backstage pass

Hotel Scene

A hotel scene often lasts longer than our regular scenes. Scenes at home either start late evening, or are fitted in during a couple of hours when we find ourselves alone; even when we have had longer than this, there will be distractions at home that just aren’t there when […]

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female with cup of tea and fluffy socks - consent

Consent, Safety and Aftercare

This post is written in response to a comment on my last post Forced Orgasms. Thank you for the feedback lurvspanking. In the relationship we have, consent is taken as a given.  This is because we trust each other and communicate fully with one another.  We have discussed limits, both […]

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