Dom Worship

A little bit of Dom worship

For fear of enraging the D/s purists who scream “topping from the bottom” when I explain what I did the other night, I am going to tell you about a little bit of Dom worship that took place. I have thoughts on the whole topping from the bottom thing of […]

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Moments in Time

These moments in time

I think that one of the important things I have applied to my relationship with HL is about moments. I came to realise that a lot of what was positive in a relationship came from taking those little thoughts that I have, the random flashes, and committing to making them […]

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Active Submission - Jack Vetriano picture of woman exposing her breast to man

Active Submission

Active submission is the topic for the chat we are having tonight at The SafeworD/s Club so, as I was doing some preparation for that anyway, I thought that I may as well form it into a post. The great thing about talking about a topic is that you are able to […]

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