honesty in a dominant submissive marriage

Honesty in a Dominant submissive marriage

Honesty is one of the cornerstones of a Dominant submissive marriage. Honesty is a hard one in lots of ways. Many people take it to mean the absence of telling lies. Clearly it is important to be honest about what you say but honesty is also about your actions. If […]

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Reset or reality

I am struggling to write about resets. I realise that we have not reset for a long time and that leads me to consider why. It would be good if I could say that it was because things were going so well with our D/s dynamic that it was not […]

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Living in a D/s power exchange

Living in a D/s Power Exchange

What is a power exchange An agreed power exchange is what makes our relationship a Dominant and submissive one. Most relationships consider themselves to be equal ones which means that each partner takes it in turns to lead. Some may consider themselves more traditional where the male always takes the […]

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Lifestyle submissive - submissy

Lifestyle Submissive

What is a Lifestyle Submissive? I would term myself as a lifestyle submissive. To me this means that I am submissive to my husband 24/7; this is not to say that I am actively submitting every minute of every day. I work and I sleep and I do the regular […]

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D/s and exercise

D/s and Exercise

About a year and a half ago, I began trying a new way of exercising and eating. I have always been conscious of what I ate and the exercise I got but that is not to say that I was always making sensible choices.  At points in my life I […]

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