This Thing We Do

The last few weeks have made me realise that actually my effort at a submissive advent calendar is a good example of how I define this thing we do: ttwd; this D/s thing. It is an illustration of how my submission works and I think it is a good insight […]

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Reflections on advent – so far

Part way through, not quite half-way, and I thought I would consider how things are going with my Submissive Advent Calendar.  It has been quite illuminating for me as a submissive actually.  I am not sure I have learnt anything that I didn’t know already, but it has certainly been […]

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4. Naked Bake

Today will combine two things – one my love of baking sweet treats for Sir, and two, his love for me to be more naked and comfortable with myself around the house.  Eeeek – I hope that he lets me wear an apron and that the kids don’t come home […]

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Missing Sir

Missing you and missing me

Although I am missing Sir, I am having a lovely weekend celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday with her. We have come away together for a city break which is really nice. It is giving us lots of one to one time which is not always possible in the busy family […]

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Living in the Shadows

As I sit here on a Tuesday evening writing this post for my married submissive blog, my kids are chatting in the family room and my husband is talking about sex toys and building bondage furniture on a skype call to his Dom friend in Norway. I realise that there […]

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A Fun Weekend

  ‘Any plans for the weekend?’ ‘Yes. We’re off to London to meet with a group of kinky friends we found online, attend a sex and lifestyle exhibition and have some bdsm fun together in our hotel room!” Obviously that wasn’t the answer I gave my family, friends and work […]

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cock therapy

Cock Therapy

I wrote about the role of oral sex in our relationship in my post, when giving meets receiving, and there I mentioned that we used it sometimes as part of our ritual for transitioning from work to home mode and also sometimes to reset our dynamic. I also explained that over […]

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Two Years of submission

I decided to that it would be useful to think about the past two years living as a submissive wife.  I guess that really what I want to think about it how far I have come and where I am going to go next.  I have always believed that relationships […]

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respect lettering


I have been thinking a lot about respect and what that means to different people. In our D/s relationship respect is extremely important. Sir requires that I am respectful to him at all times and in turn he has the greatest respect for me and values me as being part […]

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girl hugging a tiger out of trust

Domination, submission and Trust

                                                               via Daily Prompt: Trust Trust is vital in any relationship.  It is one of the cornerstones and without it […]

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via Daily Prompt: Original Everyone wants to be original.  We love to think that there is something unique and maybe a little edgy about us – something special that others look at and are encouraged or inspired by.  So we try to move away, sometimes, from the crowd, reassuring ourselves […]

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I thought I would write about my frienD/s as I have been thinking a lot about real frienD/ship recently.  By frienD/s I mean the people who I chat with regularly, who have supported my journey, who are aware of my submission and who follow a similar lifestyle.  These people have […]

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You Tread on my Dreams

The romantic in me has always loved this poem.  I have always wanted to feel the devotion and trust that inspired Yeats but it evaded me for most of my life. The student in me appreciated the imagery and understood the depth of the passion and love that he felt in […]

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Fire of Love

The Fire of Love

I think that for me this is true.  Obviously there are many different types of love in life – the love of our children, parents, friends etc will be very different to the love of our partner, but to actually feel that love is always an incredible thing.  It is […]

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Married, monogamous and submissive

What you will have realised from reading my blog so far is that I am married (to my husband and Dominant), we are in a monogamous relationship, and I am a submissive. We are both in our 40s, we have a blended family and we live in the UK.  We […]

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