I had a message from one of my good friends this morning where she said that she had read my 1st March entry and asked if I needed to talk. I told her that we were okay and thanked her, adding that things move pretty fast and that usually the process […]

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eroticon 18 meet and greet

Missy’s Eroticon Meet and Greet

I feel really lucky that, a couple of weeks ago, HisLordship decided that we would be going to Eroticon. I had read some of the feedback from the event on blogs last year and it sounded like great fun, as well as being a place where you could learn a […]

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what to wear

All the fun of the fair

HisLordship and I went off the Torture Garden last night with our good friends and fellow kinksters, kisungura and Cuiplash. We have been before but not for a while so we were really looking forward to it. For those of you who haven’t heard of Torture Garden, it bills itself […]

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missy at work

When missy came to work

Today has not been a very good day really. Things are fine at home but at work it didn’t go how I wanted it to. By that, I mean that really it went the only way it could – you win some you lose some – but when you care, […]

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Body Image - picture of woman with tape measure skirt

Body Image

I have been quite overwhelmed by the response to the recent pictures that I have posted here. I know that people are usually kind but it really has made me think about the body image issues that I have. In some ways I feel bad about it. I know that […]

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type of submissive

What is your ideal view of my submission?

I wrote the title for this post back on the 8th of November. It came from a question that furcissy asked me about the type of submissive HisLordship wanted. I asked Sir the question, thinking that I could write the post but the conversation didn’t really go as anticipated. It […]

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Where’s submissy?

I have messed up my SEO.  This is not some kinky type of D/s acronym: Simple Easy Orgasm; Sexy Erotic Outstanding; Super Effective Oral, though all of those could be D/s related. The SEO of which I talk is far less exciting and earth shattering than this.  From my experience […]

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Happy 2018

I feel at home here. It is odd to have an online journal of sorts.  I have never really been the sort for that but that is what it seems has happened to me here. That I see this as a community that I am part of is a lot […]

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Firstly I would like to wish everyone the very best for the season. Secondly I would like to apologise for my absence. I think that my last post was 12 days ago: unheard of for me. A huge part of this has been to do with the demands of one […]

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better together

The 9th & 10th – Better Together

I think it is safe to say that yesterday I had a bit of a crash. It had been building I suppose and due to a combination of factors, it all just fell apart. It wasn’t that I didn’t see it coming but because HisLordship is away, there wasn’t the […]

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No 7 and No 8 – the gifts of time

My instruction for today: On the 7th day your Dom gave to you: on a very busy day for Missy, the gift of time. When you go to bed tonight I want you to lay in bed naked and lightly touch yourself, as you do. I want you to take […]

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missing you - video still from snow patrol turn the fire to the third bar

No. 6 – missing you

Number 6 for our advent calendar was Missing You. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfa9yxCpWoA I love this song and sent it to HisLordship this morning to let him know how I am feeling being apart from him. I like Snow Patrol anyway and have listened to them since I bought their first album back […]

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Christmas list

It’s the 5th – Christmas List

I was pretty excited when I received details of the gift for today it was a Christmas list. On the 5th day of our advent – Santa always needs a list to help the elves. I would like you to make a list of the sexual things your Dom could […]

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in underwear

No 3 leads No 4 – underwear

Sir’s instructions for the 3rd were to do with my underwear and they were sent by message that morning: Santa’s Sack of Goodies (Part 1).  Before your bedtime today I want you to review all of your underwear. On the bed I want you to arrange the top 5 sets […]

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submissive advent update

Submissive Advent Update

Submissive Advent Calendar update for 2017. Last year I decided to make a submissive advent calendar for HisLordship. This came out of the fact that we had decided not to do much in the way of presents for each other so I thought that giving something small to Sir each […]

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wonder woman


Last week was a bit of a whirlwind. It was an odd week with HisLordship working away from home but as I wrote in my last post, I think the time apart was actually good for us in terms of allowing some reflection. I felt at the start of a […]

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distance - picture of a label saying I can see clearly

I can see clearly now the rain has gone

HisLordship was working away last week. Usually this would be something that would be hard to get through as the usual routine is disrupted and the time that you usually have to connect with each other is suddenly not available. Sometimes it will be easier than others of course. I […]

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Two new rules

Two New Rules

I wrote back a few weeks ago about us choosing to bring more discipline into our relationship. We have never been as rule focussed as some couples and therefore punishment has not played a big part, but recently we did decide to change this a bit. We have a lot […]

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three years of submission

Three Years of submission

I mentioned in my last post the reasons why we decided to begin a D/s relationship which made me reflect. Reading back over my post Two Years of submission where I wrote about where we had come in the first two years made me think about this third year. Because […]

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