Period Sex

The Truth about Period Sex

Period sex is one of things that still isn’t that acceptable to a lot of people. I would say that we are a pretty open couple, and HL would say that he is ok with period sex, but in reality, we rarely do it. I have brought it up for […]

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Not tonight dear, I've got a headache

Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache

I know that the “Not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache,” thing is just a joke really and certainly for me, saying no to HL isn’t part of our deal. That said, my headaches do get in the way quite a bit. I have written before about my hormonal migraines […]

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Cervical Screening

Why we need to talk about Cervical Screening

Cervical Screening Awareness Week – 14 – 20 June 2021 This week is cervical screening awareness week. Despite invites for women and people with a cervix to attend cervical screening appointments via their GP surgery, there are still some who are not taking up this offer. According to leading cervical […]

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talking about masturbation

Talking about masturbation

Talking about masturbation. Generally we don’t, do we? I mean here in these sorts of circles we do, But out there? Not so much. And I wonder why that is. I suppose like all things sexual, we are conditioned to feel it is something which should be kept private. It […]

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Talking about sex

I love talking about sex

I have always liked talking about sex. In fact, I love talking about sex. One of the things I enjoy about this space is that talking about sex is something I can do and, even better, I can talk about it to other people who are interested in the same […]

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