a spank an orgasm and an audience

A Spank, an Orgasm and an Audience

I mentioned in my post about limits and boundaries that we had been away with friends and had pushed some of the boundaries we previously had with regard to playing with, and in front of, others. Choosing to do this was not a conscious thought; it was more that we […]

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Limits and boundaries

Limits, boundaries and submission

I have written generally about limits and boundaries in a post for The SafeworD/s Club. I wanted to make this post more personal to me and about a bit of a defining moment concerning my submission. More specifically it is concerning my submissive headspace, or my submissive space as I […]

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in Suspension cuffs

In Suspension Cuffs

HL tells me that tonight we are going to use the new suspension cuffs we received from Bondara. I am not sure what to think. I have mentioned before that I am a lazy sub and the thought of holding my own weight and making an effort sometimes stops me […]

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Bondara flirt wet look cami

Bondara Flirt Wet Look and Mesh Cami ~ Review

I really liked the look of the Bondara Flirt Wet Look and Mesh Cami, Thong and Stockings when I saw first saw it on the their website, so I was delighted when Bondara agreed to send it to me in exchange for an honest review. I love clothes and I […]

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Peak outside

Peak Outside – peek if you dare

Phase 3Epidemic StatusVirus has been suppressed. Continued focus on containing sporadic outbreaks. Following an increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, local advice on travel and indoor gatherings between households has changed. The city is back in lockdown and after being reviewed it is decided that restrictions should remain in place, and […]

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nudity and freedom

Nudity and freedom

I have mixed feelings about nudity. I can find being naked really liberating and sometimes I am totally on board with it, but my fragile body image and body dysmorphia can also make being naked an impossibility. My mixed feelings extend to taking pictures. I tend not to publish those […]

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Taking more pain - howler

Taking more pain for him

When your partner acknowledges their sadistic tendencies, it causes you to think about your own masochistic ones. For me, my true masochism lies in the emotional torment that he can inflict via erotic humiliation. I have written a lot about the way that the thrill of shame works through cognitive […]

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Want to play

Want to play?

Some say I don’t play well with others. I say it depends on who it is and what they want to play. Click on the badge to see who else is taking part in MONOCHROMEROTIC or click here for more of my images

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seeing through things

Seeing Through Things

“It is said that wisdom lies not in seeing things, but seeing through things.” Manly P. Hall We are really lucky in that we are getting away for a few days. I have been looking out for clothes which will work. HL prefers me to wear as little as possible when the opportunity presents […]

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Booty Harness Image

Booty Harness

I have a confession to make in that I have been a bad friend to ML in terms of supporting her Tie Me Up project. We have never really been bitten by the rope bug but we had vowed to use the opportunity and inspiration that her fortnightly rope prompt […]

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Enclothed Cognition

Feeling Sexy – Enclothed Cognition

I have wanted to write about clothes and how they make me feel for a while now. I love clothes and I love dressing up. What I wear can really change the way that I feel about myself and I have found that if I feel good, I tend to […]

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Candaulism ~ Being an Exhibit

Candaulism, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism This is really the second part to Watching or being watched where I concluded that one of my key kinks was candaulism. Candaulism seems to be less discussed than its partner kinks of voyeurism or exhibitionism, but it is closely related. Where voyeurism is about gaining […]

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Watching or being watched

Watching or being watched

If someone asked me, I would say that I don’t enjoy watching or being watched in a sexual sense. I am not an exhibitionist and I am not a voyeur, and yet, there is something about it that does appeal to me. HL watches me all the time. It is […]

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to subspace and beyond

To Subspace and beyond

Memoir – Becoming a submissive wife Part 7 Although we had been experimenting with kink for a while, finding the illusive subspace that others spoke of didn’t seem so easy. It wasn’t that we were chasing it exactly, more that back in those times of comparisons and finding my labels […]

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These Moments

These Moments

HL enjoys taking pictures of me. It can be a real connector although it is something that I have also struggled with. Because of the way I feel about myself it is easier to drift off and not really focus on the way that I am perceived in the present. […]

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bad language

Bad Language – looking in the mirror

Memoir – Becoming a submissive wife Part 6 One of the things that I had to do and really work at doing when we started our full time living as a Dominant submissive couple thing, was put myself in HL’s shoes. It is very easy when you want something and […]

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new tell me about

Tell Me About

Back in January 2019 I wrote about the new writing project I had was launching, Tell Me About … Dominance and submission. This came really from me thinking about my direction as a blogger and my place in the writing community. I started my blog to write about D/s as […]

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labels - love them or hate them

Labels – love them or hate them

The topic for Tell Me About this time is labels. Categorising and labelling in an essential part of our learning and understanding of what is going on around us. It helps us to link things and by understanding similarities and differences within and between these categories, to arrive more quickly […]

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independent submissive

An independent submissive

Being independent and submissive I have struggled to resolve my independence with my submission at points and I know that I am not alone in this. Being an independent person and a submissive can cause a certain amount of confusion, certainly initially. So much of what we read of the […]

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submissive journal

Keeping a Submissive Journal

During the first few years of submission I dipped in and out of keeping a submissive journal. It seemed like the right thing to do. I read that it was and I was told that it was, so like the good little submissive I was, I tried it. I can’t […]

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