Uncomfotable humiliating experience for character

Big City

“I don’t want to.” “I know babe. I know it is hard for you which is why it matters to me that you do this. If it were easy then what would be the point? Try them on.” Slowly, reluctantly, she slipped her jeans down. The temperature had dropped outside but […]

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Venice Unmasked

It was a strange sort of place, Venice. There was a duplicity about it which tugged at something deep within her.  Its darkness and mystery did the same, and she supposed that was the start of her undoing. By day it was culture and tourism, romance and an old life […]

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Wicked Wednesday Prompt #307: What would YOU do with a million dollars? It was easy really as it had never felt like their money in the first place. They had bought the estate with a view to making more of it and that had certainly happened. It had been quiet at […]

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A Dance with Destiny

She met him at a party. She hadn’t really wanted to go but her parents had said that it was not optional. A show of their wealth and importance; what did she care for that?  Idiots, all of these boys her mother found. Flowers and chocolates – she just wasn’t […]

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Without Words

The room was dark and had the faint smell of almond oil. She was naked. She knelt as he had instructed.  She started slightly as the music filled the room. She waited patiently and tried to focus.  Her legs began to ache. They became hot and began almost to burn, […]

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