Sexy scene

A sexy scene

Actually it was more sexy play than a sexy scene but I felt the alliteration worked better for my title. In addition, the sexy play lasted about an hour and a half which, by my definition puts it more in the scene category. However, usually a scene is something that […]

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Vanilla Valentine’s Heart

An Unusually Vanilla Valentine’s Day

The thing about vanilla …. I don’t usually do vanilla. I gave it up as my flavour when I embraced the world of D/s and kink and, being honest, I have never really looked back. Not that there is anything wrong with vanilla sex, it can actually be a very […]

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Two Floggers

Two floggers are better than one

We have received a gift of a set of Poi Floggers from our friend, Leatherman. We haven’t had the opportunity to use them but HL tells me that tonight is the night. I am both interested to see how they feel and nervous about the play, as it is a […]

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objectification fetish

What is an objectification fetish?

Objectification as a kink or fetish is a type of humiliation play which can form part of BDSM activities. For someone who enjoys this type of kink it can be really powerful, but it is something that is often misunderstood and it is frequently treated with caution due to the […]

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discarded underwear

Discarded underwear

A while ago, I had a friendship with another Dom that turned into a bit more. From my side it was friendship and that is important to me. I felt a connection emotionally and that is vital for me ever to contemplate anything more than that, even discarded underwear! I […]

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Mirror Scene

Mirror Scene ~ tell me what you see

Last night we played with our friends via video link. Actually, we played with our respective partners but there was engagement across the couples and what we did was mirrored by the other. I don’t know if this has a name but we have called it a mirror scene due […]

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saturday night ladder scene

Saturday Night ~ a Ladder, a Flogger and a Whip

Our focus on impact play continued this weekend, aided by the use of a ladder. Having become reacquainted with the crop a couple of weeks ago, the implements selected this time were the flogger and the dragon-tail whip. I have oft been heard to say that I don’t get flogging. […]

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Reasons to become reacquainted with the crop

There are many good reasons for using a crop. I think we had forgotten one or two of them along the way, but a good scene focussed around the crop the other day soon sorted that. One of the main reasons for not using it much the past while has […]

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An impromptu Saturday morning paddle

“Go upstairs, take your clothes off and lie on the bed. I want to use the paddle on you.” I do as I am told and wait for him. When he comes in he gets the paddle out of the drawer and I see is not the leather and fur […]

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Emotional Play

Emotional Play and why it’s on the edge

What is Emotional Play Emotional play is a type of BDSM play which explores using situations which will make a submissive feel uncomfortable in an emotional sense. As with anything, it is important to see this play within the context of a safe and caring relationship. With any play which […]

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Dom Worship

A little bit of Dom worship

For fear of enraging the D/s purists who scream “topping from the bottom” when I explain what I did the other night, I am going to tell you about a little bit of Dom worship that took place. I have thoughts on the whole topping from the bottom thing of […]

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Electric sex - ElectraStim

Electric Sex – charged up and ready to go

Why we decided to try electric sex The topic for Tell Me About… this time is Electroplay. This is something I have written about quite a bit and, if you are interested, I have linked the posts at the bottom. Suffice to say, we enjoy electroplay. We have an ElectraStim […]

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Being perverted

Being perverted and why I like it

Perverted: characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies I like the thought of being perverted. It turns me on and I suppose that is all the proof needed that it is a good fit. I don’t take it as an insult or as being a bad thing, more […]

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sex toys

Sex Toys ~ How we use them and the ones we love

Sex toys is the current topic for Tell Me About and surprisingly I have never really written about them before. We have LOADS of toys and so, although I am linking to Wicked Wednesday’s peep show prompt, this is more of a peep at a virtual show and tell than […]

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The sound of thunder

The Sound of Thunder

I am hanging ON THE EDGE. My head is FULL of him, so FULL OF HIM. I can HARDLY THINK and I CAN’T PROCESS in the usual way. I WANT HIM and nothing else. I WANT MORE of what he is doing. I want him to TOUCH ME and TEASE […]

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